Utility Asset Accounting & Tax Systems

Utility Asset Accounting and Tax Systems

Utility Asset Accounting and Tax Systems

Maximize the value from your next Utility Fixed Asset and Tax System Upgrade 

Our Expertise

We’ve partnered with about 40% of the largest investor-owned utilities with their system-related projects.

RCC provides a suite of critical services to the regulated industry and does it better than anyone else…

Yelena Veisman, Senior Manager of Tax Systems and Technology, WEC Energy Group

Developing, supporting and implementing Utility Fixed Asset Accounting and Tax systems

System Architecture and Implementation

Technical system upgrades are a burden on the functional and technical teams and no longer inherently lead to business value.  A technical upgrade is a project that requires coordinated project environments, functional business testing support, technical system support, 3rd party consulting resources, boundary system integration support, and multiple rounds of full system regression testing to complete.  This is an invasive project and without proper planning the net result of a technical upgrade is NO ADDED BUSINESS VALUE. 

At times, it is required for customers to upgrade their systems to stay compliant with support contracts and other pre-requisite licenses.  However, approaching this project as a technical upgrade alone is a missed opportunity for value for the business. We’ve created a better way of implementing upgrades. 

Transform this required high-burden, low value project into a highly valuable and meaningful project for your business with very low incremental costs and time. 

Our upgrade approach typically leads to: 

  • Complete elimination of system customizations making on-going support and future upgrades even easier and cheaper

  • Identification of existing system functionality to maximize the value from the system investment 

  • Leading practice process adoption  

  • Increased user adoption and process ownership


Take charge of your Utility Tax and Accounting System Modules

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The Difference

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