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AGGREGATE SINGULARITY is the culmination of our decade-long pursuit to solve the uniquely complex challenges the Utility industry faces.


Making work better, and making you better at work.

We built Aggregate Singularity to be the SaaS solution to replace high effort, high risk, low visibility processes with an automated, audit-ready, shared platform that ensures quality data across Finance.

  • Take control of the 106/107 backlog

    Reverse the growth of aging CWIP and non-unitized balances by moving from one-off projects and disparate Excel workbooks to a streamlined system. The ASI Project Accounting Control Center identifies and categorize issues, recommends the people and steps to resolve each issue, centralizes communications, and tracks and reports on the real-time resolution status via ASI Assignments.

  • Remedy missing Retirements

    ASI takes a multi-pronged approach to ensuring the accuracy of asset retirements by comparing actual retirements to expected retirements for replacement work orders, comparing asset quantities and unique identifiers between the fixed asset subledger and operational source systems (i.e. GIS, Meter tracking, Fleet, Real Estate, etc.), and proactively identifying and alerting users for asset activity trend discrepancies.

  • Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration

    From Property Accounting, to Tax, to Regulatory, to Revenue, Fuel, and General Accounting, data in one group of utility Finance impacts all others. ASI’s centralized dashboards ensure that data controls are executed automatically and made public across all of Finance.

  • Refine Regulatory Reporting process

    Decrease regulatory reporting cycle times by automatically cross- validating data for all data sources, providing immediate assurance that actuals and forecast test period data are correct.

  • Explain budget variances automatically

    Enhance variance reporting with an engine that automatically provides the quantified drivers for differences between budget and forecast versions and budget versus actuals.

  • Automate book and tax month-end validations

    Month-end closings involve more than just running processes within your accounting systems. ASI enables Book and Tax departments to complete the “last mile” of the close in minutes instead of hours or days by automating validations and reconciliations before, during, and after the close.

  • Ensure cross-system integrity enterprise-wide

    ASI’s end user-created reconciliations and data validations, and automated workflows ensure that every Finance and Operations department is confident that they are in sync with every other department at any point in time.

  • Provide insight and confidence into the tax subledger

    Accumulated deferred income taxes within a regulated utility include some of the most heavily-scrutinized items by internal and external audit due to the complexity and size of the ADIT balance. ASI’s industry-standard income tax controls ensure that tax departments can approach any audit with confidence – from the analyst to the VP of Tax.

  • Substantiate book to tax differences

    ASI technology combined with RCC subject matter expertise decreases the calculation and validation of complex Schedule M Items, such as Mixed Service Costs, in minutes compared with weeks to calculate manually.

Our focus should be ‘Are our inputs correct?’ With ASI, we have confidence that everything is correct. More time is spent fixing issues than finding them.

Karolina Stachniuk, Senior Tax Specialist, Entergy

Hands on results from other utility leaders:

  • Audit ready month end in minutes, not days

  • Process tax forecasts in 4 hours, not weeks

  • Reduced 106/107 backlog by 80%

Get clean and stay clean.

We built Aggregate Singularity to help utility organizations manage the Capital Asset Lifecycle by proactively identifying issues and tracking key metrics. This focus on the last mile of finance allows utilities to grow Rate Base without increasing cost or misstatement risks.

  • Modernize business processes

    • Unclog communications between Regulatory, Tax, Accounting, FP&A, and Operations
    • Provide real-time analyst-to-executive interactive views of the correctness of all data
    • Optimize and automate error handling
  • Gain peace of mind

    • Centralized visibility of all systems, and processes, past, present, and future
    • Comprehensive validation of all data
    • Rapid employee onboarding and knowledge transer
    • Ongoing, constant audit-readiness
  • Unleash your team

    • Eliminate manual work
    • Accelerate ability to correct issues
    • Make work less tedious, freeing up space for more meaningful work

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