Relentlessly pursuing long-term value for the utility industry


Our mission is to bring operational clarity to the tax, accounting, regulatory, and systems functions of our asset-intensive clients through innovative products and no-nonsense consultative services.

We accomplish our mission by leveraging industry leading functional and technical expertise in lockstep with internal business units and external auditors and regulators.

What makes us different

Our Project Leads average 15+ years experience.

All of our consultants have spent the vast majority of their careers in the utility industry.

We have a customer-centric culture, ensuring no barriers are in the way of delivering value to you.

Our History


Since 2010

Our purpose since the beginning has been to provide rate-regulated and asset-intensive industries with a trusted advisor.


From the west coast to the east coast, our consultants spend time creating, planning, managing and implementing data and process solutions. We offer accounting, tax, regulatory, and IT departments with systems advocacy services and internal resource support.


A heart for the industry

We believe in a cross-functional approach to enable clients to build a best-in-class accounting and systems process that meets customers’ internal and external requirements.


In order to maintain the high levels of service for which we’re known, we continue to invest in attaining and retaining all the functional knowledge and technical skills required to plan and execute proven solutions for the most challenging situations.

Our Team

Meet our team


Albert Romero

Alexey Zarnitsyn

Andrew Scott

Alyssa Storey

Barry Bohrer

Ben Morrison

Billie O’Bryant

Blake Andrews

Bryan Barnes

Cavan Hayes

Chris Mardis

Cliff Robinson

Craig Wheeler

Daniel Mendel

Dave Haddad

Dillon Blakes

Elhadj Bah

Jake Olesen

Jason Crane

Jeff Brook

Joel Sechler

John O’Brien

John Rawlings

Johnathan Spearman

Jonathan Williams

Joseph Henze

Josh Forbes

Josh Hirschel

Kyle Twitchell

Lillian Kowalski

Lisa Hsu Vermette

Lonnie Bruns

Mark Allen

Mattea Dibble

Michael Hamby

Mike Plunkett

Panpilas Fischer

Parker Campiglia

Paul Flanagan

Phillip Kim

Preston Martin

Scott Lampert

Stephanie Kleine

Shivam Kumar

Sunjin Cone

Tom Syner

Tim Bolger

Zachary Reynolds

Office Management Team

Christy Williams

Founder and COO

Terry Kizzar


Dawn Bryan

Executive Assistant

Angel Serrano


Paul Middleton

Automation and Controls

Hoke Bryan


Tory Vore

Project Management