Plant Accounting Fundamentals – Session 2

Plant Accounting Fundamentals – Planning and Budgeting

Foundations Webinar Series

Learn best practices for utility plant accounting professionals in this Foundations webinar series.

During the EEI May 2023 Accounting Conference the Controller panel stated the most important concern for their utility accounting team was:
  1. Replacing Institution Knowledge
  2. Learning the Business
  3. Building internal partnerships based on their business knowledge
Would you agree?

Let’s meet these challenges head-on. We believe the first step is to help property accountants both new and seasoned understand their importance within the Utility organization. In our Plant Accounting Fundamentals webinar series, we will focus on the key components of the capital asset lifecycle and their interplay with operations. Ultimately, we will show the pivotal role Property Accounting plays in a utility’s bottom line through rate and regulatory recovery.

Session 2 Recording

00:00 – 05:52 Welcome and presenter introductions

05:53 – 08:45 Series summary and agenda for this session

08:46 – 17:15 Why Planning and Budgeting is so important to a utility

17:16 – 21:18 P&B Impacts for Plant Accounting and Tax

21:19 – 25:17 The iterative lifecycle of P&B process

25:18 – 28:00 The many dimensions of P&B

28:01 – 35:55 The building blocks of a budget: Projects and Programs

36:34 – 56:20 Going in-depth with Planning Views, Perspectives, and other Inputs & Outputs

56:21 – End Tying it all together (aka Things Get Weird)